Design Elements
Design Elements

We all want our designs to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’ve created these design elements to help showcase and streamline the A&T brand in a simple and professional way.

We like order, so we use grids. This, in combination with white space and structured elements, keeps us organized and makes things easy to read. Depending on the size of your document, a two-, three- or four-column grid might suit you best.
Four Column Grid, Two Column Grid

Negative space, commonly referred to as white space, will help define the boundaries of positive space and bring balance to any composition. The intentional use of negative space will draw attention to and enhance your readers’ ability to understand your message.

We use a collage-type style when layering our photography. A thoughtful combination of B&W and color photos, mixed with preapproved “AGGIES DO” words are used to create the perfect marriage between tradition and today. Below are instructions on how to create the perfect layer effect.

To get started, open a new InDesign document and select the photos you want to layer. Go to Window → effects. In the effects dialog box, use the drop-down and select Multiply.

The list of 11 approved primary words have been designed to be placed directly into any print or digital campaign. An approved primary word should only be placed directly over a B&W image and accompanied by the word “AGGIES.” The word “AGGIES” will need to be added to each primary word in order to achieve the appropriate size ratio. Follow the specs below on how to best execute size and placement. Downloadable files of all primary words are available in the Assets section of this site.
Primary Words

The approved words below, in combination with the primary words above can be used as design elements and added texture to enhance your design layouts.
secondary Words


Use thick rule lines to call attention to important facts and figures or break up long-form copy. Your rule lines should follow the specifications below to be consistent across all media.

Print: 7 point - Web: 15 pixel, Print: 2 point - Web: 8 pixel, Print: 0.5 point - Web: 2 pixel
Sample Execution

Quotes, facts and figures are used throughout our brand to call attention to important information that sets us apart from the rest.
Facts & Figures
Sample Execution
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